Macias Camp Brugg

Macias Camp is Coming to Brugg, Switzerland from 18/04 to 21/04-2024 in cooporation with Ju-Jitsu & Judo Club Brugg  and Nationales Judo Leistungszentrum Brugg.

Come to a technical judo masterclass with 7 training session and 1 evening seminar “Macias Philosophy” held over 4 days by former European Champion from Sweden, Tommy Macias.

This masterclass is for everybody who loves judo and wish to learn new creative techniques from one of the best in the game. Tommy aims to show you something new and give you a lot of inspiration as a judoka or coach no matter your age or level – from beginners to experts.

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  • About Macias Camp

    A Judo masterclass for every age and level
    Macias Camp is a Judo Masterclass for all ages and levels (7 years to veterans, from beginners to experts). The masterclass consists of 7 technical training sessions for divided in 2 teams and one seminar, “Macias Philosophy”.

    The Macias way of training
    Tommy Macias will be teaching you his training style and techniques that brought him to the world elite in judo. Tommy aims to inspire you as a judoka or trainer with his unique way of training.

    The “Macias Philosophy” seminar
    Tommy will host his seminar “Macias Philosophy” for adults and trainers saturday evening. In this seminar you will learn about Tommy’s road to becoming one of the best in the world.

  • Ticket information

    Full Camp tickets (18-21 april):

    Adults (+15 years): €119
    Children (7-14 years): €99
    – Buy before 18/03-2024, save €20 pr. ticket.

    Tickets can be purchased online via this website.

    4 day judo masterclass with 7 technical training sessions for each team held by Tommy Macias.

    Seminar for adults and coaches “Macias philosophy” held by Tommy Macias saturday evening.

    *Food and accomodation are not included in the tickets. See options for additional lunch-tickets underneath.

    See full camp schedule here


    Single day ticket // Seminar ticket
    All ages: €39


    Lunch tickets:

    Lunch tickets can be purchased additionally online with the camp tickets but is not included in the standard tickets.

    Children (7-14 years) €30
    Adults (+15 years) €40

    Included is 3 vouchers for 3 meals total (lunch, 3 days).
    The cafeteria offers a day menu or a vegi-menu which is included.

    You will get your lunch vouchers when registrating your tickets for the camp at the club on your arrival.

    See the cafeteria website here

    Cafeteria location: Bahnhofstrasse 5A, 5210 Windisch
    400 meter from the judo club // 8 minute walk

    Cafeteria opening hours:
    Thursday-friday: 11:00 – 13:30
    Saturday: 11:30 – 13:30

  • Registration & practical information

    Macias Camp Brugg will be held from 18 – 21 april 2024 at Ju-Jitsu & Judo Club Brugg.

    Judo Club address: Gaswerkstrasse, 5210 Windisch, Switzerland

    Ticket registration

    You need to register your tickets on your arrival. Representatives of the club will welcome you upon your arrival. Registration starts 18. april at 8:00 at the Judo Club.

    If you do not register before the first training session, please go to one of the club representatives that will be present to register your arrival.

    Parking options in Brugg are good. We recommend this free parking: Parking Pontoniere Haus Brugg

    Contact us:
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“There is a big difference between training being given by a top athlete or someone who is also a good teacher… such a good level of camp has not been done in Estonia for many years”

Riina Toomis

Judo club do

“How he’s now trying as a coach to pass on his philosophy to the kids. Every coach could draw some parallels or something useful to take to the club”

Egert Ehari