About tommy macias

Tommy Macias

European Champion
World Silver Medalist
4x IJF World Tour Gold
Former coach for the swedish
and danish national team

World elite judoka and pro coach

Tommy Macias is a swedish former world elite judoka and professional coach. His resume includes european champion, world silver medalist and coach of the swedish and danish national team.

At the age of 31, Tommy has already achieved a lot in his judo-career and he continues to work within the sport hosting training camps and trainer seminars all around Europe.

Tommy now lives with his family and teaches judo at the local club in Silkeborg, Denmark, when he is not on tour as a coach in Europe.

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Great Technique over strength and explosiveness

Great technique is what have brought Tommy to become one of the best in the world in the -73 kg category. Even though strength and explosiveness is important in elite judo, the technical and creative side of judo has always been the key to success for Tommy.

Tecnical judo is also the main subject for Tommy’s coaching style. This can be felt in trainings regardless of it being training the national team, at Macias Camp tours in Europe or at the local club.