Host macias camp

Host macias camp with Tommy Macias

We are looking for partners to host Macias Camp with us in Europe. In a partnership, your judo club will work with former European Champion, Tommy Macias, to host a 3- or 4 day judo training camp in your city.

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An open training camp for everybody

Macias Camp is an open training camp for everybody that wants to join. Everybody that wishes to come and have bought tickets for the event can come. Tommy Macias will be the trainer at all training session for the camp. 

In a partnership, we will need your help to a few practical tasks in order for Macias Camp to work out. This includes finding training locations, setting up with mats, checking tickets and marketing the event to other judo clubs in your country / region.

If you wish to book Tommy Macias for a private training camp (for your own club only etc.), trainer seminars or other purposes – please read more here.

Work with one of the best at no cost for your club

By hosting Macias Camp, you will work with former european champion, Tommy Macias, at no cost for your club. You will together with Tommy host a training camp for 3 or 4 days in your city where judokas and trainers from your club and other clubs can join.

Tommy will be trainer for the entire camp and host a seminar at no cost for your club, as expenses will be covered by the ticket revenue.

We can recommend you to offer services such as accommodation (sleeping spots on the mats etc.) and meals to all judokas for a fee, if you want to earn cash for the club during the camp.

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you and your club, please apply for a partnership or contact us below. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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What you can expect from us

– Complete 3- or 4 day training camp held by Tommy Macias

 We manage all sales of tickets

– Marketing via this website and all Tommy’s social profiles

– Having all information available on this website

– Posters and ads you can use for marketing and information

What we expect from you

Handling all the practical tasks such as: 

– Finding and setting up a dojo / training hall with mats

– Checking tickets for judokas to enter the camp

– Cleaning and tidying

– Marketing the camp to other clubs that might be interested

Do you want to host macias camp?

Send an inquiry in the form below and let’s discuss the possibilities.